August 20, 2016

Express Solutions is no longer partnered with Progressive Finance, or IOLO. We no longer offer any kind of leasing on cell phones, furniture, laptops, or any other types of devices.



Express Solutions adds 2 new partners

December 22, 2014

Express Solutions is excited to offer 2 new partners.  IOLO and Consumer Finance.  We have dissolved our partnership with Progressive Finance.  We are excited to announce our new partnership with IOLO and Consumer Finance.  IOLO will take over where Progressive left off by offering financing for cell phone dealers. IOLO specializes in consumer electronics.  For more information on becoming a dealer for IOLO please contact us or you can simply click Apply now above. From time to time we also have found that we get consumers to visit our website.  While we are brokers for IOLO, it is only for cell phone dealers and we can’t serve the consumer from our site.  However, if need a loan with no credit check, please checkout Consumer Finance:





The mobile phone industry is changing.  Can you feel it?  It’s subtle but if one looks at recent TV commercials from carriers like T-Mobile, it’s evident that there is a consumer movement that is shifting us away from traditional 1 and 2 year contracts with cell phone carriers.


Nathan Wright, master dealer with Progressive Finance and 15+ years experience working in the trenches has helped hundreds of small retail mobile phone stores.  He states “that with Progressive Finance the consumer now has the opportunity to obtain the phone of their dreams without coming out of pocket with the full purchase price upfront and financing the payments over an unheard of 12 month period to improve affordability.  We are poised to continue to cater to the general public that is craving better technology phones and doing so without having the money or great credit  which was required in years past with the larger carriers.  Those days are gradually coming to a close.”

Surprisingly, it is even folks with solid credit that desire bucking the trend of being locked into long term agreements and find the cell phone financing program offered by Progressive Finance to be an attractive alternative.  This program can work for anyone who has a checking account for 3 months, has a job, and has consistent deposits of at least a certain reasonable threshold thus making the cell phone purchase a more enjoyable experience.


For more information please contact 615-656-7029


Leap Wireless, MetroPCS launch handset financing programs

Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS have both begun offering handset financing programs that allow customers to pay off cell phone purchases over time. Both companies are working with a firm called Progressive Finance, which pays the carrier for the handset and then collects payments from the subscriber for their phone. According to Cricket Wireless, its financing program will cover up to 90% of the cost of a handset and then allow customers to pay for it over a maximum of nine months. Leap’s Tyler Wallis, senior vice president of marketing and product development said, “We’re really excited about it. Consumers are really excited about our rate plans, but they’re struggling with the fact that an iPhone 5 is $500 upfront.” MetroPCS did not provide details concerning its financing plan. In either case, the financing company does not perform a credit check. Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS do not require contracts. T-Mobile USA recently announced the end of device subsidies. Its program works differently in that customers make a downpayment on the cost of their cell phone up front and then make a monthly payment for it to T-Mobile throughout the life of their service contract.