NO CREDIT CHECK financing can be instrumental in targeting a new customer base and help individuals
purchase merchandise that otherwise might have been out of their financial reach.

How many times have you heard from someone how bad they want to own the newest Phone or Gadget that’s just about to be released.  Well now there is a way to buy the latest with “No Credit Check Financing”  This is like “rent to own” but in the electronics world. In fact, this is better than “rent to own” Look around your store and see how many “rent to own” stores are near your store!  Check out how much the customer will actually pay for an item if they keep the item the full terms.  In most cases these stores charge up to four times as much for an item!  Not with our program!  They will pay a simple “lease to own” fee.  In fact, we encourage the customers to pay off early.   They have two payoff options.  A 90 days same as cash and a 65% Buyout Option.   We encourage you to encourage them to pay off the lease early in order to avoid “finance” charges.   Most customers that utilize this program, have a good experience and then become a repeat customer.

I have heard from Cellular Store owners how many Customers walk out because they don’t have $500 to buy the latest thing.  With this new service Store Owners can now offer Customers this option. This makes for a nice combination to keep the customer happy and the Store Owner in business. The products that can be financed are:





Any Cell Phone


Plus, many more items!

Store owners will have a new customer base with this service.