All funding is determined by when a complete funding packet is completed, signed and received by Funder. Once an account is funded, it is deposited the next business day to the merchant’s

  • The typical funding period is 2-4 business days. This means deals turned in completed and signed to Funder on a:
  • Mondays – are funded Tuesdays and store sees funds in their bank as soon as Wednesday.
  • Tuesday – store sees funds as soon as Thursday
  • Wednesday – stores sees funds as soon as Friday
  • Thursday – stores see funds as soon as Monday
  • Friday – store sees funds as soon as Tuesday
  • Saturday – store sees funds on as soon as Tuesday
  • No deals are funded on Sunday which means deals submitted on a Sunday will be treated as if they were received on Monday, thus funding will show up as soon as Wednesday in the store’s account.
  • **If Monday is a Holiday i.e. Memorial Day, Columbus Day (any Monday holiday) deals that are typically funded on a Monday are pushed back a day. So a Thursday Funding will not show up in a stores account until as soon as Tuesday. Any national holiday that banks are closed, typically puts funding back a day even if Funder is open because the banks are closed and won’t receive ACH deposits.